Extreme MMA Core Abs Workout, Get Ripped Like a Fighter!

www.sixpackfactory.com brings you this very effective but strange yet powerful core abs workout. It comes straight from the MMA ring and has it’s roots in Thai Boxing and it was designed to get you ripped fast! If your goal is to get a strong core and 6 pack abs then this mma workout is for you. You will get ripped just like a fighter!
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25 thoughts on “Extreme MMA Core Abs Workout, Get Ripped Like a Fighter!

  1. Make sure you do full vacuums (both exhale all the air and contract your abs additionally) and also the reason why it’s easier than second and third is because you are just starting the workout, your body didn’t spend any additional energy on the exercise before that, because there weren’t any. Also in first exercise your standing tall which is the normal non-stressed pose of your body while in 2nd and 3rd your abs work additionally to hold the plank and crucifix pose. Good luck

  2. Oh hey! Have you considered – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got really defined Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of fat with it.

  3. @TheTrickyTube it’s the lower and upper abs, obliques. Some people will say the lower back is part of the core and I think it’s really part of the core.

  4. what is the difference of the final results in the muscles between Killer Gladiator 6 Pack Workout, The Fighter Abs Workout, and MMA Core Abs Workout

    what is the superiority of Killer Gladiator 6 Pack Workout than the others?

    what is the superiority of The Fighter Abs Workout than the others?

    what is the superiority of MMA Core Abs Workout than the others

    and which one is better for karateka?

  5. Oh yes it is. These are CORE exercises that comes straight from Thai Boxing. This is not a WHOLE Thai Boxing workout. If you only did this for your Thai Boxing workout you will get your ass kicked! But this does originate from Thai Boxing mixed with MMA.

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